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The PERSONAL POWERSTONE COURSE offers you an opportunity to find and empower four stones that will become your personal Power Stones as you build and deepen your relationship with the Rock family. The focus is on found stones that you discover in a natural setting. Jade Heart

This course focuses on how you can become a stone and crystal initiate through the dual process of your own personal healing and your dedication to building a sacred relationship with rocks, stones and crystals. Topics covered include:

  • How to build, deepen and maintain relationship with the rock family
  • The connection between the rock family and the ancestral realm
  • Your energetic underworlds and how to clear non-productive patterns in your life
  • Effective methods for cleaning and clearing stones and crystals
  • Grounding and connecting with earth energies for balance and well-being
  • Ethical considerations in the use and collection of rocks, stones and crystals

The Personal Powerstone course is currently offered once a year.  Next intake will be Spring 2020. 

Please let me know if you are interested to reserve a space. This course is intentionally kept small and personalized.

Previous participants have found the course to be fun, healing and transformational. I am happy to connect you with previous participants if you would like to hear first hand about their experiences.