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Crystal & Rock Alignment therapy can help you eliminate unproductive repetitive patterns and manifestations in your life. This could be a physical malady you can’t shake, despite your best efforts. Or it may be emotional responses and experiences that keep happening, no matter how hard you try to stop it. Or perhaps you are dealing with ancestral MyQueropatterns that weigh you (and other family members) down.

Crystal & Rock Alignment Therapy Session options:

  • Psychic Surgery (with obsidian tools following ancient Toltec practices). Can be used for physical and/or emotional issues.
  • Expelling of unproductive, ‘stuck’ energies and/or emotions (combines crystal and stone layouts with shamanic clearing and flower and plant essences)
  • Balance and Grounding layouts (for relief of stress and reenergizing of body and soul – uses Crystal Resonance Therapy practices including balancing of the four element: fire, water, earth, air.
  • Note: Crystal Healing is different from body work such as massage and chiropractic work because your physical body is never touched except when placing crystals on your body and removing them at the end of the session.  It is also different from Reiki work, in that energized crystals and stones are laid on your body at key energetic access points. You will always be in charge, deciding how you want to proceed and what you are comfortable with. 

    A Crystal and Rock Alignment session typically runs from 60-90 minutes. The initial session takes longer because it includes time to gather information and answer your questions.


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