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MyQueroStones and crystals have profound healing qualities. Many healing and spiritual traditions use them, including in Acupuncture, Ayurevedic practices, Toltec healing traditions and many more.  In fact, we humans have worked with stone and crystal energies as helping allies from our very beginnings as a species.
I am very happy to offer crystal and stone layouts to support your goals. Every crystal and stone layout is unique. I typically combine crystal and stone layouts with the use of flower essences, essential oils, sound healing, and energy clearing.

These layouts are not a typical spa treatment. While you will have crystals and stones placed on and around your body, what you experience in the layout is intended to empower your unfolding healing process and wisdom path. At the end of the session, you will walk away with one or more suggestions of how to further the energy shifting you will have experienced.

My training includes LECORA healing, Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT), and practices learned from the Toltec and Chinese healing traditions. My initial information about stone and crystal healing was transmitted by Spirit in 2005 and I have been learning more about this vast body of knowledge ever since.

The general type of layouts I offer are:

  • Expeller Layout: Expel unproductive repetitive life patterns or health issues with the help of obsidian. This is a type of psychic surgery.
  • Balancer Layout: Have your energy checked for elemental imbalances with a gentle stone layout will help facilitate your recalibration. You will leave with a personalized flower essence to continue your healing.
  • Empowering Layout: This session combines a crystal and stone layout with a focus on your spirit guides and allies.  This session may also use divination and/or astrology.
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