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    “I was in awe of the crystal healing session.  I am uncertain what it was exactly that happened during the healing session, I only know that there was a dam that broke and since that day, I have not cried as much as I had been. I accept each day with a far more secure sense of being.  The depth of understanding of myself and others has taken on new heights and I have learned a deeper level of compassion for others as well as myself.” -- M.G. (2015)


    "I had a profound experience with the psychic surgery. Last evening I kept slipping between realms. It truly felt like inter-dimensional travel.  I also feel more light-hearted and much more able to handle my day-to-day situations. I normally navigate around difficult people. I think the person who I felt challenged about needs my feedback and some of his behavior is basically insisting on it.Thank you again for the awesome session. You do very deep healing work.” -- D.S. (2017)