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I offer workshops on the following topics:

Introduction to Stone and Crystal Healing

Building Sacred Relationship with Rocks, Stones and Crystals for Wisdom and Healing

Stones as Portals to Ancestral Power and Healing

Discovering and Empowering a Sacred Stone and/or Crystal


Here are comments from workshop participants:

I loved the explanation of the stones and how the work with different issues in a persons life. I appreciated that you adjusted your workshop and included information on the types of stones when you saw there was an interest in that (Peg)

My most memorable experience from the workshop was the big flash of white light from the angelic realm that came into my crown chakra to my heart chakra, then veered left almost knocking me off the sofa, as it coalesced and zipped down my arm and into the crystal (no, I did not feel the crystals energy)! (Linda)



Please contact me if interested in one of these workshops in your area. Length can vary from several hours to a full day.