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The Rock Family – Rocks, Stones and Crystals – are calling to you: “Step forth and connect more deeply, my friend. Together we can heal and help each other. The time is now.”

Sacred Stone Wisdom is our birthright and a possibility open to everyone. You can build and enhance your relationship with stones, just like you can with animals, trees and planet Earth.

As the ancestors of our planet, rocks, stones and crystals harbor crystallized memories and potent energies you can access if you know how. Connecting respectfully and in the spirit of reciprocity can open up wondrous possibilities of deep healing, mystical creativity and timeless beauty.

My name is Skye Stephenson and the Rock family has been one of my greatest teachers – guiding me to the healing of my heart and my ancestral lineage. I have created LECORA (Loving Earth Crystal & Rock Alignment) with the whisperings of Spirit and the Stones to help you connect more deeply with sacred crystal and stone energies for personal, ancestral, community, and planetary healing and consciousness transformation.

I offer the following:

  • Crystal & Rock Alignment Therapy sessions (various types, in Keene, NH, USA)
  • Crystal & Rock Alignment Course – Blended delivery format
  • Crystal & Rock Spirit Card Message Readings (using a deck I created) 
  • Workshops or Individualized Sessions about Sacred Stone and Crystal Healing

Why are rocks, stones and crystals such powerful allies for transformation and healing? Here are a few reasons….

  • The Rock family is the most stable and ancient life form on our planet. They can help you find grounding, stability and balance.
  • Rocks and stones are the least polluted living beings on our planets – they radiate and manifest the purest energy and life force.
  • You are also Rock – in your bones, your blood and lymphatic systems, and throughout your physical being which relies on minerals for optimal health.
  • Crystals, stones and rocks are living entities you can develop and enhance relationship with for mutual empowerment and wisdom
  • It feels so good – Engaging with grandfather and grandmother stones nurture us in deep ways and often offer us guidance and clarity.
  • And it is one pathway towards healing our dis-location from the sacredness of the Rock family and our shared home planet.