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Do you feel the Call of the Stones and the Rocks? (Not just fancy ones, but simple ones too)

Are you drawn to Healing - Self-healing, Ancestral, and Communal?

Are you ready to open and deepen your connection with Spirit and the Sacred, through Building Relationships with Rocks, Stones and Crystals?

I offer you this possibility through my Workshops, Courses, and Individual Sessions.
Step forth along the path of Sacred Stone Initiation and Wisdom – one of many paths that can take you on inner and outer journeys of profound learnings and transformation. It is a path towards wholeness through grounding with the earth as an avenue to connect with cosmic energies and experiences

My name is Dr. Skye Stephenson. I have been walking this path since Spirit first gifted me with stone and crystal healing information in 2005. Since then, I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers (human and non-human) and strive to share what I have learned to help others. This work is not something “done to you” but, instead, deep soul work we do together to enhance your own innate powers of healing and wisdom with sacred stones and crystals as helpers and guides.

Skye Stephenson, 2017