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Are you drawn to rocks, stone and crystals of all types, especially in natural settings?

Are you concerned about the current state of the world and want to make a difference?

Do you feel called to a more sacred way to being?

Building and deepening your relationship with rocks, stones and crystals is one powerful way to contribute to personal, communal and planetary healing right now.

My name is Skye Ayona Stephenson, and I can help facilitate your connection with the physical and spiritual energies of the Rock Family. I work from the premise that rocks, stones and crystals are living beings we can interact with respectfully and ethically. Connecting with them can bring about deep healing and the transformation of consciousness.
Right now, the heart of our planet (which is a gigantic crystal) desperately needs more people who can communicate with it in a sacred and loving way. Each tiny light we send from our soul to the soul of the rocks, stones and crystals in the earth helps all living beings.

I offer the following:

  • Crystal and Stone Layouts (various types)
  • Stone Spirit Card Readings (my own cards)
  • Workshops (topics vary)
  • Personal Power Stone course