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Skye O. Stephenson writes about the spirits of place, and about love and healing. Her focus includes external journeys and cross-cultural encounters as well as internal journeys of growth and transformation. Her current project is the role of sacred stones in human history and consciousness.

Skye has produced academic books and articles, a novel, poetry, and a set of divination cards. The topics have included international education, cross-cultural adjustment, Latin American culture(s), Indigenous rights, dreams, crystal and stone healing, and the Spirits of Place. In her writing and research, Skye strives to bring together disciplines, genres and differing paradigms as a woman with academic training and a mystical/spiritual bent.

She lives near Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire, USA. and is a regular contributor to her hometown newspaper. Skye enjoys meditating, travelling and spending time with her family. Her only pet is a betta fish named Luna, after a character in her novel.