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Iíve been pounding away at the keys writing since I was a youngster. Thatís me in diapers at the typewriter.

Jade HeartSince then, Iíve travelled many places, puzzled many topics, and changed my own kidsí diapers Ė and Iím still pounding out words trying to make some sense of life and love, earth and spirit, culture and the stones. I suppose I write to try to keep somewhat sane, although I often question my own sanity and who is really writing through me or with me when I am downloading some words that seem to come straight from the ethers.

Iím not a formally educated writer, although I have a formal education in other subjects. I do try to be an honest and sincere writer - to articulate words and stories from both the light and the dark, believing that this simple act of courage has the power to shift consciousness just a smidge. And that is enough.

Some of my writing can be found on my Amazon author page. Contact me for stone and crystal writing.